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On the Way

About On the Way Faroughi says, “I was still a student when I made this film and it really came in handy for lifting up my self-confidence. It was a good chance to picture the difficult circumstances of decision-making and change when life completely takes you by surprise.”

On the Way was a fiction series with a political melodramatic mechanism. This series was later edited into a long one-part movie.

In the years near the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran, a brother from a Northern province, who had brought up her sister like a father, sends her sister off to Tehran for education.

One day news comes that his sister’s body was found on the outskirts of Tehran. He fretted to Tehran with a frightened heart and a troubled mind to unravel the mystery of his sister’s death. He gradually finds out about his sister’s political activities, and despite being reserved and expedient, he himself gets involved in political adventures.

This serial is presently available in a single-part 80-minute movie.

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