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The following paragraph is the English translation of what Ramin Faroughi has said about advertisement:

“Communicating and transferring the message in an inspiring and influential atmosphere is a challenge ahead of every filmmaker. The commercial is a condensed, objective and practical form of such a challenge. It quickly enables you to realize what you have done, what has happened in the transition from idea to practice and at times it lets you swiftly edit your performance. It is said that, “Cinema is the art of industry.” One may also say that the advertisement is an industry where art should be agile, flexible and up-to-date. Designing an ad is a cute challenge between what you feel like doing and what has been ordered.”

Since 1990 Faroughi has been making commercials and teaser ads, mostly for banks and financial institutions.

Because of his success in producing his own style of advertisement that affected advertisement market, accredited advertisement agencies have often invited him to work for them as the creative director, strategic advisor and copy writer.

His familiarity with Iranian culture and the experience he has gained during his numerous trips as a documentarist and researcher in the fields of culture and development have enabled him to carry out objective evaluations of target societies.

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