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::: Khesht-e Behesht

Khesht-e Behesht is the company established by Ramin Faroughi and the title under which he has produced his series of works. What follows below is the reason why he has chosen this title:

“In Eastern philosophy, Behesht [=paradise] has a determining stance. It is the absolute symbol of beauty with everything in its perfection; the final abode of peace and quiet.

Artists, relying on this concept, have made efforts to create images of paradise and flashes of its presence, like a mirror trying to reflect at least a glimpse of this perfect infinite world. In other words, a piece of artistic creation does its best to be a piece or a building block [=Khesht] of paradise or the reminiscent of its absence.

Persian gardens, Persian poetry, Persian miniatures and the mirror works of Persian buildings are all trying to be building blocks of Paradise. Then why can’t cinema be?”

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